Hey, I'm Ken! Nice to meet you 👋

I'm a Senior Software Engineer based in NYC who's passionate about programming, motivated by curiosity, and probably spends a bit too much money on Magic: The Gathering.

On my honeymoon in France, about to dig into a wonderful crepe

By day, I typically write in Ruby, Go, and Typescript (using React), but I “grew up” on Java and Scala. By night, I like to work on a variety of projects, most passionately my programming language Abra, which is written in Rust. I also enjoy digging into tools and libraries that I use on a daily basis, and love trying to reimplement them myself from scratch. Occasionally (though not as often as I'd like), I try to write blog posts about them. Check out my github!

I also really enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi; top 3 series at the moment are:

  1. The Stormlight Archive
  2. The Expanse (the show is great, but the books are better)
  3. The Broken Earth Trilogy